50+ Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes

easy healthy dinner recipesDinner is where most folks consume the majority of their daily calorie intake. If you’re serious about your health, then you need to also get serious about cooking your own healthy dinner recipes more often than not.

That’s because restaurants can crush your health goals in one sitting. Don’t believe me? Here’s one example of many: the Cheesecake Factory. This infamous restaurant chain has 166 things on the menu over 1,000 calories! An average dinner and dessert will likely set you back close to an entire day’s worth of calories, fat, and salt.

Ditch the restaurants, and whip up your own healthy dinner instead. I’ll show you how. And don’t worry–it’s easier than you think … and these dishes tastes so good you won’t even realize they’re healthy!

I’ve broken up the following dinner recipes by food type (fish, beef, pork, poultry, vegetarian) to make it easier for you to navigate. You can also search by ingredient or food type on the right side of the page. Bon appetit!

Healthy Dinner Recipes

Pork & Lamb

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