5 Free Motivational Workout Videos for Hardcore Exercisers

motivational workout videos

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Need a little inspiration to work out today? Then these free motivational workout videos will help. Even if you can’t do all the exercises in the videos below (I definitely can’t) you can still use them to pump you up before a workout.


Ridiculous Bodyweight Workout 1

This guy is in insanely good shape. I consider myself pretty fit and I struggled with a lot of these. If you want to really push yourself to the next level, then this video should inspire you. If you have a long way to go, you’re not alone! Don’t let it discourage you. Pick the exercises you can do, and make it your goal to try a new one every week.


Ridiculous Bodyweight Workout 2

This girl is chiseled. Granted she does use a couple pieces of equipment (like a pullup bar and a sandbag) so it’s not a complete bodyweight workout. But this is an awesome exercise video that shows you a 300-rep routine. Definitely not for the faint of heart … this is a serious workout! But the good part is, she gives tips for doing “beginner versions” of a lot of these exercises.


20-minute Yoga Workout

Anyone who says yoga isn’t a good workout needs to try this 20-minute yoga routine from Sadie Nardini. Yoga is one of the best ways to increase your flexibility and strengthen your core too. If you need a yoga primer, check out my Beginner Yoga Poses article.


4-minute Ab Ripper Workout

This is the same girl from the first bodyweight workout above. There’s a reason she has the body she does–because every exercise she does engages her core and forces her to use a variety of muscles most people rarely use. This is another motivational workout video to help inspire you to spend a little extra time on those abs.


6-minute Butt Workout

Tighten those glutes and legs with this quick and effective butt workout. I hate doing squats but there’s no better exercise for working your legs and butt so suck it up and do ’em!

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