Foods That Promote Lean Muscle Growth

While exercising can help you achieve a leaner and stronger body, it may not give you the best results if it is not complemented with the right diet plan. There are certain types of food that can promote the growth of lean muscles, and you should consider making them part of your daily meals.

Grass-Fed Beef

According to a report in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a study found that people who follow a low-calorie, high-protein diet can lose more weight and gain more muscle growth than those who consume less protein. Eating beef regularly is an effective way to build lean muscles, because it is a good source of protein, cholesterol, zinc, iron, and B vitamins. It is recommended that you consume grass fed beef instead of regular beef, because it contains a much higher level of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which can help you reduce fat and build leaner muscles.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a slow-digesting food that gives you longer-lasting energy during your workouts and throughout the day. It can boost lean muscle growth, weight loss, and strength gains by increasing your growth hormone levels.


Beets contain a beneficial nutrient called betaine. Betaine can improve joint and liver repair, but it has also been proven in clinical research to enhance muscle strength and power.


This common fruit can actually help increase muscle growth and strength, especially if it is consumed before workouts.


Eggs are known as an excellent source of protein, but they also have a high level of cholesterol in their yolks. Protein and cholesterol can contribute significantly to lean-muscle building and strength gains.

Organic Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is loaded with casein protein, which is one of the slowest-digesting proteins. Eating cottage cheese before bed can prevent your muscles from becoming a source of energy while you are asleep.


Also known as Greek hay, this annual herb is rich in protein, carbohydrates, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, and it is widely available as a supplement. Regular consumption of fenugreek can boost lean-muscle growth, improve libido, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Wheat Germ

Wheat germ is packed with essential nutrients such as zinc, iron, potassium, selenium, B vitamins, branched-chained amino acids, glutamine, and arginine. It also contains a high-quality protein and slow-digesting carbohydrates, making it an ideal pre-workout food.

There are many other types of food that can help you develop lean muscles. Learn about them to make your lean-muscle building diet more flexible and interesting.


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