Common Mistakes in Creating a Healthy Coffee Recipe

Coffee is a popular drink today not only for its taste and caffeine, but also for the antioxidants it provides. There are also other great health benefits to drinking coffee. People look for healthy coffee recipes in order to boost the maximum health benefits they’re receiving. However, some people make common mistakes when doing this […]

4 Subtle Food Myths Busted

What is a subtle food myth? Well, if you turn to Google you probably won’t find much. It’s not exactly an official term. But it’s a description I’m using for perceptions that take hold over time. For instance, you might think of the idea that spinach gives you big muscles. It’s not just something we […]

Why You Should Drink Coffee Before Every Workout

Before pumping iron and running the treadmill, drink a hot cup of Joe! Coffee is a natural stimulant that can help you push harder to reap more workout benefits. Here are some of its other benefits and a few other things you might not have known: Coffee Boosts Your Mood You know that you feel good after exercise, […]

Blood Sugar and Your Skin

We all know by now that how and what you eat can have a big impact on not just your overall health, but on your skin as well. The Internet is brimming with guides on what to, and what not to eat, to help your skin look its healthiest best. However, one aspect of diet […]

Foods That Promote Lean Muscle Growth

While exercising can help you achieve a leaner and stronger body, it may not give you the best results if it is not complemented with the right diet plan. There are certain types of food that can promote the growth of lean muscles, and you should consider making them part of your daily meals. Grass-Fed […]