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Our Tribe here is different: we’re the outsiders, the DIYers, the open-minded change-makers, the quiet minority who are reaping the benefits from defying conventional wisdom about health. If you can answer “yes” to any of the following, you should join us:

  • Do you question the status quo about what “healthy” means?
  • Do you prefer to figure things out yourself?
  • Are you sick of wasting time and money on diets?
  • Do you hate going to the gym?
  • Do you want to learn more about where your food comes from?
  • Are you seeking a more natural lifestyle?
  • Are you frustrated with constantly struggling with your health and willing to try something new?


What The Healthy Eating Guide Will Do For You

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The Healthy Eating Guide Philosophy


Diets don’t work in the long-run. Eating healthy is a lifestyle change–not a short-term fix. Here’s the simple system that has changed my life:

  • Eat whole, unprocessed foods that are raised, fed, and grown naturally (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, whole grains, beans, grass fed meats and cheeses).
  • Eat more fat (from healthy sources like olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, fish, dark chocolate, and grass fed butter).
  • Eat way less refined carbs and sugars (I still eat whole grains and beans–in moderation and as long as they’re in their natural state).


Four words: do what you love. I stopped going to the gym because I hated the crowds, the noise, and the expense. And now I work out 5-6 days a week. I lift weights in my basement, do a little boxing, stretch and do yoga, and go for bike rides and walks on the trails by my house.

I love it. It’s actually fun. I’ll show you how to do the same in your life.

Here’s Why I Created The Healthy Eating Guide

In 2004, I was overweight, out of shape, and miserable.

I was fresh out of college and basking in the life of a washed up wanna-be rock star: crashing in my parents’ basement, drinking and smoking excessively, and eating fast food like it was my job.

I was in an inevitable downward spiral and boy did I come crashing down hard. I lost my girlfriend at the time, I lost my job, and worst of all, I lost my belief in myself.

My “aha” moment came in 2005 during a deep conversation with a good friend. He gave me a metaphorical slap across the face and helped me see that I was the reason bad sh*t kept happening to me. From that day forward, I realized something: I was in control. If I wanted things to change, I needed to take action and make it happen.

So that’s what I did.


Because anyone who tells you it’s easy to eat healthy and change your lifestyle is lying to you. It’s hard to eat healthy when everyone around you doesn’t. It’s hard to stick with it day in and day out. It’s hard to to deal with the awkward stares when you politely decline unhealthy food. It’s hard to handle the comments like, “Just one piece won’t kill you” and “You need to live a little bit.

SC-cruiseBut I started changing my habits, one-by-one. I began soaking up as much knowledge as I could about healthy food. I taught myself how to cook. I started exercising.

And I changed my life. I lost 40 pounds. I cut my body fat percentage in half. And I felt better than ever.

I’ve learned a lot over the years. I’ve read dozens of books about health and wellness, talked to doctors, reviewed thousands of clinical studies, and worked one-on-one with people to help them lose weight and get healthy. I’ve failed and stumbled more times than I can count.

I definitely don’t have all the answers.

But here’s what I do know:

  1. I know creating a healthy lifestyle does NOT happen overnight. Learning to appreciate the small wins is incredibly important (I’ll show you the science that proves it).
  2. I know most diets don’t work.
  3. I know most people don’t have extra hours every day to devote to exercising and eating healthy.
  4. I know there’s a ton of different ideas and opinions out there about what you should eat and what you shouldn’t … and most of them aren’t supported by research.

These are the problems I will help you solve.

I like to tell stories … sprinkle in some science about nutrition/fitness/behavioral change … and top it off with a bit of inspiration and/or humor. You’ll see articles about organic food, CSAs, farmers markets, eating local, creating healthy recipes that taste better than the unhealthy version, psychology, music, nature, animals, exercise, yoga, boxing, reading, writing, productivity, and inspiration.

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