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This Is What I’ve Been Doing the Last Year of My Life (and Why You Should Care)

Howdy, friends. Been a while since I’ve frequented these parts. My apologies for the neglect but I have a couple things that kept me super busy over the past 10-12 months: my baby boy and my new business.

Here’s an obligatory pic of my little man. He’s pretty cool.


best vegan protein powderAnd as for the new business, I launched a venture called Pure Food Company. My first product, which I released 8/5/15, is the cleanest, healthiest, and best plant protein powder ever created.

If you’re looking to lose weight, gain lean muscle, and/or improve your gut health, you should check it out.

I also created some healthy plant-powered recipe cards to give away to members on the new website, so if you’re not already a subscriber I’d get on that if I were you (just sayin’).

There Are a Few Things I Learned This Past Year I Want to Share With You

It’s been a year filled with ups, downs, and everything in between. But I can say without hesitation that starting this business has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I have a long way to go to achieve my vision for my company. But the feedback I’ve been getting already tells me I’m on the right track.

If you’ve been thinking about how you want to make a major change in your life, whether it’s losing weight, starting a business, or something else, I have a few words of wisdom I hope will help you:

  1. Start. Stop waiting until you’re “ready.” Stop making excuses. Stop saying you don’t have time when you spend two hours on the couch watching TV every night. Just frickin’ start. Do one small thing today to get you closer to where you want to be. Then one thing tomorrow. Learn from your stumbles, and keep moving forward. There are no magic pills or shortcuts. Do the work. Be more disciplined than the other guy. Strive for growth. Here’s what helps me …
  2. Get better every day. There are four things I focus on every day: my health (through eating well and exercising), my mind (through reading, writing, and learning), my emotional state (through my relationships with family and friends) and my spirituality (by taking time to reflect and be thankful). Write down what you do in each of these four areas every day, and I guarantee your life will get exponentially better.
  3. Ask for help. I’m fortunate enough to know a lot of smart people. I talked to as many of them as I could before I started my business. I got some harsh, candid feedback, and actually had to scrap my first two business ideas and start over. This was tough … but it made all the difference. If you want to start a business, talk to your friends who have been successful starting businesses. If you want to lose weight, talk to your friends who are in the best shape and ask for their help. People love helping you do something they’re good at.
  4. Make it your mission to help others. I’m donating five meals to hungry families in need for every bag of protein powder I sell. I probably don’t need to tell you how good it feels to help someone less fortunate than you. That’s what really drives me … and I’ve found that when you approach a major life goal with the intent of helping the greater good, the Universe conspires to help you achieve it.
  5. Don’t be a time traveler. Whatever you’re doing, be fully present. How much time and mental energy do we waste thinking about the past? It’s done. It doesn’t matter. And the future is unpredictable. The only thing we have is right now. So make the most of it.

If you do these five things, you can accomplish anything you want in life. I hope to read about your success story someday.


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