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When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

-Alexander Graham Bell

Today I want to let you in on what’s happening in my life … with this site … and where I’m going in the future. After reading what I have to say I hope you’ll want to come along for the ride.

You Have to Die a Few Times Before You Really Live …

Life is funny. One minute you’re coasting along comfortably. The next you’re thrown a curveball. Then another one. Then you might even get hit by a pitch or two.

Regardless of who you are and where you come from we all have this in common: shit happens to us.

As of late, I’ve had my share of shit. In the last several months, Julie and I have been tested with challenges trying to have our first kid, several major unexpected home repairs, a rescinded offer on our home, and most recently, the loss of my job.

I preach positivity and resilience on this site. But man, it’s been a rough stretch.

Here’s what I know though:

  1. I haven’t been through half as much as some of you.
  2. We all hurt. We all fail. But we also all have the capacity to evolve and change for the better.

That’s how I’ve gotten through it … by embracing change and viewing each setback as an opportunity.

Our Lives Aren’t Defined By Our Circumstances … But By How We Respond to Them

So here’s where things stand with me, in case you care:

  1. Julie and I are expecting our first child November 3. Tomorrow (June 18) we find out if it’s a boy or a girl. It’s beyond exciting and one of the most monumental moments of our life … I will enjoy every second of it.
  2. I’m currently unemployed … but I’m starting a company built around my passion: real food. More on this to come.
  3. I’ll continue to post on this website occasionally but my main focus will be getting my new business up and running. I’ve been running The Healthy Eating Guide for over five years now. I’ve written over 350 articles and recipes … enough to fill several books. But learning how to be healthy is a journey. And mine is evolving to the next level. Here’s the good news for you: you’ll get exclusive discounts and free stuff for sticking with me. I have immense respect and appreciation for the awesome group of people I’ve had the fortune of getting to know on this site. I hope you join me on the next leg of my journey too. Expect to hear from me within the next month about some great stuff I have in store for you. If you signed up for my Healthy Recipe Club, I’ll be merging this with the new company, and I’ll send you meal plans for free once I get the new biz set up.

What Does It Take to Live a Great Life?

That’s up to you to answer. For me, life is about balance. And “balance” means that every day I can look back and say I took care of my health, did work that challenged and fulfilled me, surrounded myself with people I love, and gave thanks for everything/everyone I have in my life.

So stay tuned for our next chapter … it’s gonna be fun.

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